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Update: check out the new Women's Sober Living Home.

What is Liberty Ranch?
The Liberty Ranch is a drug abuse and alcohol recovery home in the Grove Ridge Community off of Highway 501 in Kings Mountain, Kentucky.  A Recovery home is where clients go after drug addiction and alcohol rehab.  While residing in drug rehab and alcohol addiction centers, individuals learn about the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction and how their lives have been impacted as well as those around them.  They also learn about the solution to their addiction lies in the application of the 12-steps.  After discharging to a Recovery Home residents begin to learn how to apply those 12-step principles in their lives.  Participation in 12-step meetings and sponsorship is mandatory and necessary.   

A Liberty Ranch live-in manager is provided and nightly attendance at 12 step meetings is mandatory for residency as well as attendance at other meetings and functions provided by the facility.  See our letter to the newcomer.


Why do I need a Recovery Home?
Recovery homes are critical to on-going addiction recovery regardless of whether a resident has just completed a 30 day drug rehab program or is bypassing a rehab facitility altogether (The Liberty Ranch accepts both into the program).   By providing a safe, supportive environment rooted in 12 step principles, many suffering from alcohol and drug addiction will be able to achieve the tools necessary to remain clean and sober. Liberty Ranch will teach those in addiction recovery to begin leading sober, productive lives. Learn more about the Liberty Ranch.

What is the History of Liberty Ranch?

Larry Luttrell founded Liberty House in December of 1994 after spending four years managing and starting other residential treatment centers, sober living, and recovery homes in Los Angeles.  Within two-years of opening the Liberty House, we became the subject of various newspaper and magazine articles such as Time, Premiere Magazine & U.S. News.  Liberty House has worked with some very well known Grammy Award winning musicians and Academy Award Winning actors. We have been recognized at the 1998 Grammy Award ceremony, and in November of 1999, we were featured on E! Entertainment because of our addiction recovery work with well-known actors.  We have worked closely with several production companies to provide information about addiction, drug abuse and drug and alcohol intervention for documentaries, movies of the week, and television series. The liberty philosophy is about providing top treatment at affordable prices. Shortly after the relapse of Lindsay Lohan, in May of 2007,  they were interviewed by NBC & CBS television stations about their success rates being higher than the more expensive facilities in Malibu.


For residents on the west coast, please refer to the Liberty House, for sober living Los Angeles. Also, check out the men's sober blog.



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