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Located in the heart of Kings Mountain, Kentucky, the Liberty Ranch is an affordable recovery center that offers a safe, structured, and comfortable environment to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. With over 20 years of experience, the Liberty network of sober living homes has helped thousands of people recover lives that were once lost to drug and alcohol abuse.

Sober Living Success Rates

Liberty Ranch Boasts a 82% Success Rate Among Graduates – 82
In February of 2014 the Liberty Ranch staff pulled all the files on every resident that had entered the facility since its inception in August of 2006.  Their goal was to determine the overall success of the program.

Our study concluded that 82% of all graduates, since its inception in 2006, were still clean and sober at the time of the study.  The study was conducted by surveying all 62 men and women graduates of the Liberty Ranch.

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Liberty Ranch Sober Living Home

The Liberty Ranch is a state of the art, 6500 sq. ft recovery center with an additional 1100 sq. ft of space for leisure time, 12-step meetings, and other recovery oriented activities.


Having been built on 70 acres of gentle rolling hills and woodlands, the residents of The Liberty Ranch are able to relax and focus on developing a 12-step program appropriate to their chemical dependency in a very serene and comfortable environment away from the fast paced life of city living.


Recreational activities on the ranch include hiking, fishing, playing horse shoes, volleyball, basketball, and billiards. Residents also enjoy activities such as barbecues & swimming, or setting around the fire pit on logs enjoying the company of friends and loved ones while watching a beautiful sunset over the mountains.


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