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Alcohol Rehab in Kentucky

Recovering from alcohol addiction is a difficult, but possible process. There are many different approaches to alcohol rehab and the Liberty Ranch strongly encourages people to seek 12 step-based programs.


The Liberty Ranch in Kentucky is a brand new, state of the art, 6500 sq. ft residential home with an additional 1100 sq. ft of space above the garage for smoking, leisure time, 12-step meetings and other recovery oriented activities. The facility easily accommodates 27 persons. The Liberty Ranch is a cost effective long-term solution for individuals seeking recovery who cannot afford an alcohol rehab program in Kentucky.


Located on a 70 acre working farm, residents can work for the ranch if they choose to help finance their residency there. Since The Liberty Ranch is a fraction of the cost of drug rehabs and costly residential treatment centers, long-term residency is possible for individuals. Men and women suffering from chemical dependency can still find the help they need.


The Liberty Ranch


The Liberty Ranch is a residential drug and alcohol recovery home located in Kings Mountain, Kentucky. Residency can range from thirty days to one year. The Liberty Ranch is dedicated to helping men and women by providing long-term support at an affordable rate. Alcoholics can get the help they need and deserve without emptying their savings on rehab. Residents learn that a healthy, sober life filled with hope and faith is possible.


Please contact us for a referral so that we can help you find a suitable residential alcohol rehab and drug treatment center: 606.787.2023. Or send us an email:


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