Addiction Treatment and Rehab Ohio

Addiction Treatment and Rehab Ohio


When considering options for rehab, Ohio residents may want to look out of state. Leaving one’s home state offers substance abusers the necessary time and space to work on themselves and their recovery before being exposed to people, places and situations that may trigger a relapse. With 3,980 drug overdose deaths in 2018, Ohio has the 5th highest drug overdose death rate in the United States. The Buckeye state has been hit especially hard by the opioid epidemic, in part, as a result surging levels of fentanyl, oxycontin, and other prescription drug abuse. It’s clear that addiction is a major issue affecting Ohio’s communities and families, and given the recent resurgence in overdose deaths, there is a need for effective and affordable treatment options.

Located just a short drive from Ohio, Liberty Ranch provides comprehensive treatment programming for those seeking to begin their recovery journeys. Liberty Ranch offers intensive outpatient focused on educating, treating, and motivating people suffering from alcoholism and drug addictions to reclaim their lives. The evidence-based programming addresses addiction, as well as the experiences, traumas and behaviors that contribute to compulsive drug and alcohol abuse. Surrounded by Kings Mountain’s rolling green hills and serene woodlands, participants are supported by trained addiction specialists and mental health professionals while they complete their individualized treatment plans.

Liberty Ranch helps clients from Ohio and across the U.S. recover from addictions to alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, Fentanyl, club drugs, designer drugs, opiates, prescription drugs and other substances. Addiction is a complex and deadly disease that too many people suffer from alone. Like any other disease, for most, getting better requires treatment and support from qualified professionals. Going to drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a critical step in conquering one’s substance use disorder and beginning to live a healthier, more fulfilled life. It starts with finding the right treatment program for yourself or your loved one.

Learn more about treatment with a free consultation

If you are considering addiction treatment for yourself or someone in your life, now is the time to take action. Addiction is a deadly disease that has taken too many lives, broken up families and destroyed futures. Liberty Ranch offers free consultations. Call 888-387-1531 to talk to a specialist that can let you know about the treatment options available and help you select the right program. 

Seeking treatment outside Ohio: Rehab out of state

Many attempt to recover from addiction alone, but the stressors of daily life and a lack of support can make this untenable, resulting in relapse. Being surrounded by the people, places and things that trigger the desire to use drugs and alcohol can make it all the more difficult to successfully complete a treatment program and stay sober.

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To avoid this outcome, it may make sense to seek treatment outside of Ohio. Rehab programs like those offered by Liberty Ranch allow clients to get away from the situations that compel them to use substances as a coping mechanism. Surrounded by nature and tranquility, clients can focus solely on themselves and their recovery. By removing one’s daily stressors, those struggling with addiction can learn and practice healthier ways of coping and communicating in a safe and supportive environment without interruption. 

5 Benefits of seeking treatment outside of Ohio

1. Avoiding triggers that might cause relapse: When one is surrounded by reminders of their addiction, and access to drugs is only a phone call or short car ride away, it can be quite tempting to get “one more fix”. Seeking treatment outside of Ohio can help reduce exposure to triggers, and therefore, the likelihood of a relapse. Instead, clients can focus on their recovery while rebuilding and repairing the damage caused by addiction. Adding additional barriers such as physical distance from the people they used with can be helpful to addicts struggling to remain sober during treatment. Removing a person from their environment allows them to avoid triggers while they focus on healing, growing and learning.

2. Removing oneself from toxic or negative relationships to get perspective: For some, issues in their relationships can trigger them to use as a way to escape shame or conflict. Many addicts struggle with unhealthy relationships that have been built around their addictions. These may be relationships with family members, friends or significant others. Stress or conflict in these relationships can make it difficult to prioritize one’s recovery. By leaving the state of Ohio for rehab and getting a bit of distance, substance abusers have the chance to heal first and then focus on rebuilding healthier relationships and friendship

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3. A new, supportive environment: Fresh breezes, gentle green hills, and rolling rivers provide a peaceful setting where clients can escape their day-to-day stressors and prioritize their recovery journey. Liberty Ranch’s facilities offer a tranquil setting conducive to healing and introspection during one’s time in rehab. Ohio residents can connect with themselves and their peers, who maintain the shared goal of living a happier, healthier and substance-free life. The serene environment provides an ideal environment to concentrate on the therapeutic, evidence-based programming without interruption, while also enjoying recreational activities. 

4. Avoiding running into people from personal and professional social circles: There is no shame in struggling with addiction, a disease that so many suffer from. However, many still worry about stigmas and judgement from their professional and social acquaintances. This can lead to added anxiety and stress surrounding the treatment process, or even avoiding treatment altogether. Whether you simply prefer to keep your recovery journey private or remove the added worry of running into people you may know, going out of state for treatment can provide the necessary anonymity to truly connect with the recovery process.

5. A new perspective: For addiction to thrive, many addicts learn to lie to themselves, justify dysfunctional behaviors and develop mindsets that serve their addiction, not their best interests. This unhealthy perspective may be reinforced by one’s surroundings and social circle. Exposure to new people and places can inspire those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to critically examine their current ways of thinking and open themselves up to change. Getting away from everything and interrupting one’s normal routine can provide a sense of clarity and a positive shift in perspective that will help them navigate through the recovery process.

Recognizing signs & symptoms of addiction

Whether you are worried about yourself or a loved one, it’s important to be able to recognize the hallmarks of addiction. Many believe that they have their alcohol or substance use under control and are unable to admit that they have a problem. Behavioral changes, drastic shifts in moods, unexplained health issues, changes in appearance, problems in relationships, isolating oneself from their social circles, secretive behavior, issues with money and valuable items gone missing are all indications of a substance use disorder. If some or all of these signs and symptoms are present, it is probably time to find a facility that provides treatment services to communities in Ohio. Rehab is the first step to living a happier, healthier life.

Talking to a loved one about getting help

If you are concerned about a loved one abusing drugs or alcohol, you don’t have to sit idly by. Overdose is an all too real possibility. Friends and family can be instrumental in encouraging a person to get help. Although you cannot force someone to attend treatment, there are a number of ways you can encourage them to seek help without inadvertently enabling their addiction. Check out our guides on how to talk to your adult child, teenager, parent or significant other about their addiction and getting treatment. Contact Liberty Ranch for a free consultation for more help.

What to look for in a treatment program

Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all, and there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a program.  While looking at options for drug and alcohol rehab, Ohio residents opt for a program that fits their specific needs. 

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Comprehensive treatment services for Ohio

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment plans should be adaptable to the needs of the individual, taking into account their unique circumstances and challenges. Before entering rehab, Ohio residents talk to specialists about their specific needs and the services offered to ensure they find a program that works for them.

 A strong drug and alcohol addiction treatment program will offer an array of services to treat the addiction as well as the emotional and behavioral components of that have contributed to the issue. Key services offered at Liberty Ranch include individual counseling or therapy, behavioral counseling, peer-driven discussion groups, family counseling and medication management, among others. 

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Support & treatment: Ohioans with comorbid conditions

The right treatment program will also provide support for any comorbid conditions the addict may suffer from, as these can impact one’s addiction and recovery journey. Dual diagnoses are quite prevalent among substance abusers. According to a study on Comorbid psychiatric disorders and addiction, 81% of substance abuse/dependence patients qualified for one or more comorbid mental disorder diagnosis. Of those conditions found in substance dependence patients and substance abusers, depressive disorders were the most prevalent. When deciding where to go for rehab, Ohio residents should opt for a program that considers a spectrum of mental health issues. Liberty Ranch’s programs provide psychotherapy for comorbid conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, trauma, PTSD and personality disorders, when necessary. 

A data-driven approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Ohioans should look for a program that takes an evidence-based approach to treating substance use disorders. In essence, such programs incorporate practices that have been validated through academic research and studies. Of course, any approach to treatment will depend on a number of factors, including the individual’s experiences, life circumstances, the substance they are addicted to, and the severity of their addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug abuse, effective strategies, evidence-based strategies for treatment include:

The Liberty Ranch’s comprehensive program follows evidence-based treatment protocols, principles and therapies to help clients recover from substance use disorders. For instance, clients work through 12-step therapies in individual or group settings as well as participating in individual and family therapy sessions.  Additionally, Liberty Ranch employs the Gorski Model of Prevention Relapse to help clients anticipate and prevent possible relapses.


Inpatient vs outpatient treatment for Ohioans

One key decision is whether to attend an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. When making this decision, factors to consider include the severity of the addiction, other mental health conditions and whether or not the individual requires 24/7 supervision. 

Inpatient treatment programs

Inpatient programs are more intensive and require the individual to live onsite in a supervised environment throughout the duration of the program. These programs are apt for individuals who require 24/7 supervision, or may be dealing with other severe mental health issues in addition to their addiction.

Outpatient treatment programs

Outpatient programs, on the other hand, do not necessarily include a residential component. Programs may meet for 2-3 hours a day between 2 to 5 days a week. Outpatient programs allow clients to more easily meet their work and family obligations, which may be beneficial depending on the individual’s circumstance. However, they do not isolate the addict from triggers that might be present in their regular life, which may be necessary depending on their level of addiction. Outpatient programs tend to be less expensive than inpatient programs. 

Intensive outpatient treatment programs

Intensive outpatient is a third type of treatment program available which provides more comprehensive care than outpatient programs at a cost effective price. An intensive outpatient program may be appropriate for those who need more supervision and care than that offered by a regular outpatient program. Liberty Ranch’s evidence-based intensive outpatient program provides partial hospitalization, outpatient care, psychiatric evaluation services, and family counseling to those dealing with addiction. 

Rehabilitation & healing beyond the addiction

Liberty Ranch provides support for more than just the addiction. Taking a holistic approach to rehab, Ohio residents can work to heal their substance use disorder and the issues that have contributed to the disease. Treatment professionals work with clients to address the thoughts, assumptions, behaviors and relational issues that caused the individual to turn to drugs in the first place. 

Many addicts have experienced some form of intimate partner violence, neglect, abuse and other traumas. To avoid the painful emotions associated with these traumas, some cope through drug or alcohol abuse. Working through these traumas and the associated emotions is key to the recovery process. 

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If not addressed, these issues may continue to impact one’s self-worth, emotions, reactions and decision-making processes, making relapsing all the more likely. With support from trained mental health professionals, Liberty Ranch helps clients heal from these traumas and develop more functional ways of processing negative experiences.

Anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions should also be addressed as a part of one’s treatment plan, as a significant proportion of people dealing with substance abuse also struggle with one or more additional diagnosed or undiagnosed condition(s).  These issues can contribute to and even worsen one’s substance use disorder if left untreated. It is important to consider all of a person’s mental health needs when selecting a rehab. Ohio Departments of Mental Health and Addiction Services warns that, given their higher usage of medications, individuals with mental health disorders who also use substances have a greater chance of experiencing drug interactions and negative side effects

Comorbid conditions

 Because of the potentially higher risk of overdose, getting treatment is especially important for those dealing with comorbid conditions. Through psychotherapy and counseling, Liberty Ranch’s trained mental health professionals support clients dealing with the following conditions and issues, among others:

  • Anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar, eating disorders, trauma, PTSD, personality disorders
  • Grief, loss and other family issues
  • Medication management
  • Family separation and child custody issues

Choosing a treatment facility can be overwhelming. And it is not easy to go make the decision to go to rehab. Ohio residents should look for an accredited treatment center staffed with knowledgeable professionals that offers comprehensive, evidence-based treatment options, as well as support for comorbid conditions.