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IOP Overview with Brandy Corder – Clinical Program Director

At the new Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation Center, one young lady’s journey to sobriety began with a can of Diet Mountain Dew.  The rehab center opened in April 2017, offering an IOP program to individuals suffering from addiction.  IOP is an acronym for “Intensive Outpatient Program.”  At Liberty Ranch that means 30 days of rigorous [...]

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Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

One of the most difficult things to do in recovery, and the first important hurdle, is to admit that there is a problem.  No one likes to think that they may be an addict.  There’s a stigma attached.  Addiction is the homeless man living under the bridge, we think.  Addiction is an affliction of [...]

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Rebuilding Trust in Recovery

Trust was shared from birth, nurtured and enjoyed throughout childhood. A bond so strong that even in the depths of addiction I tried to find. Then, the final realization that it had been destroyed by a disease. I was constantly trying to protect myself from my son's addiction. He was aware of this and manipulated [...]

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14 Drug Addiction Warning Signs

Drug abusers often try to conceal their symptoms and downplay their problem. If you’re worried that a friend or family member might be abusing drugs, look for the following warning signs: Physical Warning Signs of Drug Abuse Bloodshot eyes, pupils larger or smaller than usual Changes in appetite or sleep patterns. Sudden weight loss or [...]

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