Hidden Costs of Addiction Treatment for Women

3 Hidden Costs of Women's Addiction Treatment Undergoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment is an important process that changes and can even save lives. However, getting treatment can also come with unexpected costs, some of which are not financial. These costs can be especially steep for women, who face unique societal pressures. If not [...]

Love Gone Wrong: Toxic Relationships & Addiction

Struggling with addiction while balancing a romantic relationship can be quite challenging. A substance use disorder does not necessarily stop a person from having successful relationships. However, healthy romantic relationships require communication, mutual respect, trust, individual identities and care. Having a substance use disorder can make it difficult to tick all of these boxes. [...]

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What is Dry Drunk Syndrome? A Guide on How to Cope

 EditDuplicate Move UpMove DownMove to TopMove to Bottom Delete    EditDelete  12 / 12  EditDuplicateDelete  Text   Definition Dry drunk is a non-technical term referring to alcoholics who have achieved sobriety and no longer exhibit physical symptoms of dependence, however they maintain attitudes and behaviors associated with addiction. [...]

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