Addiction in Cincinnati – Drug Rehab Options

Help for addiction in Cincinnati - Drug rehab options Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? If so, you are aware of the personal, emotional, physical and financial tolls of substance abuse and know how difficult it is to “simply stop” using drugs and alcohol alone. Liberty Ranch helps those struggling with [...]

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Heroin in Ohio: Recognizing Addiction & Getting Help

Opioids & Heroin - Ohio's epidemic Over the past two decades, Ohio has experienced significant growth in drug overdose deaths. These deaths were primarily fueled by increasing rates of prescription drug abuse, which consequently also led to an uptick in the use of heroin in Ohio. Like other rust belt states, the Buckeye state [...]

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Addiction Treatment & Rehab Ohio

Addiction Treatment and Rehab Ohio   When considering options for rehab, Ohio residents may want to look out of state. Leaving one’s home state offers substance abusers the necessary time and space to work on themselves and their recovery before being exposed to people, places and situations that may trigger a relapse. With 3,980 drug [...]

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Opioid Epidemic, Ohio & Covid: 10 Things to Know

The Opioid Epidemic: Ohio in crisis In recent years, Rust Belt states have been hit especially hard by the opioid epidemic. Ohio, like many of its neighbors, has suffered from the overwhelming toll heroin and prescription drug abuse has taken on local communities. This has only been compounded by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has [...]