Trust was shared from birth, nurtured and enjoyed throughout childhood. A bond so strong that even in the depths of addiction I tried to find. Then, the final realization that it had been destroyed by a disease.

I was constantly trying to protect myself from my son’s addiction. He was aware of this and manipulated the content, time and place of the conversations to facilitate his theft, lying, manipulation. Eventually, every conversation blew up because of my complete distrust, prompting me to steer the conversation toward one question: how does this conversation finance more drugs to continue your addiction?

My son’s acceptance of the program and time at the Liberty Ranch caused a drastic change in both of us. His change in philosophy and education regarding addiction made him tell me straight up, “Do not trust me, I’m an addict!” This happened several times throughout his stay at the Ranch.


Now, he tells me he must earn my trust on a daily basis and my decisions, such as borrowing the car or a guitar, should leave me feeling comfortable. He will continue to earn my trust through vigilant participation and use of the 12 step program.

Before this program, every phone call my son made or took caused me to worry about how it aided his quest for drugs. Now, his phone calls are with his sponsor who continues to help him on a daily basis. Also, he’s taken on a sponsee, who he helps with daily issues.

Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) gives me more pride than talking with my son about how his program is changing his life and helping him change the lives of others.