Should you go to out-of-state rehab?

Many attempt to get clean from drugs and alcohol in their hometown, but find that the stressors of daily life and an unsupportive environment make it hard to stay on track. Recovery is not easy. And being surrounded by the people, places and situations that trigger the desire to use drugs and alcohol can make it all the more difficult to successfully complete a treatment program and build the skills necessary for long-term recovery.

Are you or a loved one struggling with substance abuse?

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To avoid this outcome, gain clarity and focus on healing from addiction, some opt for out-of-state treatment. The Liberty Ranch helps clients from across the U.S. recover from addictions to alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, crack, fentanyl, club drugs, designer drugs, opiates, prescription drugs and other substances. Away from the individuals, situations and places that trigger their substance use, clients are able to focus on truly healing from addiction in a peaceful, serene environment


5+ reasons to seek out-of-state treatment 

1. Reducing exposure to triggers that cause relapse: When one is surrounded by reminders of their addiction, and access to drugs is only a phone call or short car ride away, it can be quite tempting to get “one more fix”. Seeking treatment out-of-state can help reduce exposure to triggers, and therefore, the likelihood of a relapse. Instead, clients can focus on their recovery while rebuilding and repairing the damage caused by addiction. Adding additional barriers such as physical distance from the people they used with can be helpful to addicts struggling to remain sober during treatment. Removing a person from their environment allows them to avoid triggers while they focus on healing, growing and learning.

2. Making it harder to quit treatment: Treatment can truly save lives. However, it is not always fun. It’s hard work that requires dealing with a lot of uncomfortable, sometimes painful issues. It’s common to want to quit treatment at some point. Cravings may take over, the individual may want to avoid dealing with painful issues or they may simply decide they don’t need treatment anymore. These are often temporary feelings that pass. However, when leaving treatment is as simple as having a friend swing by to pick you up, it can be easy to give in to those impulses. For this reason, going away for treatment can make it harder for clients to quit treatment on a whim, adding the additional barrier of distance. Many of our out-of-state clients choose Liberty Ranch because its location in  the rolling hills of Kings Mountain, KY allows them to disconnect, focus on their treatment and reduces their temptation to leave when cravings hit.

3. Separating oneself from toxic or negative relationships to get perspective: For some, issues in their relationships can trigger them to use them as a way to escape shame or conflict. Many addicts struggle with unhealthy relationships that have been built around their addictions. These may be relationships with family members, friends or significant others. Stress or conflict in these relationships can make it difficult to prioritize one’s recovery. By leaving the local area and getting a bit of distance, substance abusers have the chance to heal first and then focus on rebuilding healthier relationships and friendships.

4. A new, supportive environment: Fresh breezes, gentle green hills, and rolling rivers provide a peaceful setting where clients can escape their day-to-day stressors and prioritize their recovery journey. Liberty Ranch’s facilities offer a tranquil setting conducive to healing and introspection during one’s time in rehab. Clients can connect with themselves and their peers, who maintain the shared goal of living a happier, healthier and substance-free life. The serene environment provides an ideal space to concentrate on the therapeutic, evidence-based programming without interruption, while also enjoying recreational activities. 

5. Avoiding running into people from personal and professional social circles: There is no shame in struggling with addiction, a disease that so many suffer from. However, many still worry about stigmas and judgment from their professional and social acquaintances. This can lead to added anxiety and stress surrounding the treatment process, or even avoiding treatment altogether. Whether you simply prefer to keep your recovery journey private or remove the added worry of running into people you may know, going out of state for treatment can provide the necessary anonymity to truly connect with the recovery process.

6. A new perspective: Exposure to new people and places can inspire those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to critically examine their current ways of thinking and open themselves up to change. For addiction to thrive, many addicts learn to lie to themselves, justify dysfunctional behaviors and develop mindsets that serve their addiction. This may be reinforced by one’s surroundings and social circle. Getting away from everything and interrupting one’s normal routine can provide a sense of clarity. Having a positive shift in perspective that can inspire and motivate individuals in their recovery journey.



Out-of-State Treatment at Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation Center

Liberty Ranch provides comprehensive treatment programming for those beginning, continuing and restarting their recovery journeys. Surrounded by Kings Mountain’s rolling green hills and serene woodlands, participants are supported by trained addiction specialists and mental health professionals while they complete their individualized treatment plans.

Liberty Ranch Treatment Ohio

In the tranquil, lush environment, clients from across the U.S. can focus on themselves and their recovery free from distraction while at Liberty Ranch. By removing daily stressors, those struggling with addiction can develop healthier ways of coping and communicating in a safe and supportive environment without interruption or temptation. Surrounded by others focused on the same goal, clients have the time and space to truly open up and address the underlying issues that caused their addiction to develop in the first place.


Intensive outpatient treatment at Liberty Ranch

Drug rehab ohioLiberty Ranch offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP)  focused on educating, treating, and equipping those suffering from alcoholism and drug addictions with the skills needed to reclaim their lives. The evidence-based programming addresses addiction, as well as the experiences, traumas and behaviors that contribute to compulsive drug and alcohol abuse.  Addiction is a complex and deadly disease that too many people suffer from without proper treatment. Like any other disease, healing from a substance use disorder requires proven treatment and support from qualified professionals. Attending drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Liberty Ranch provides clients with the tools and support to conquer their substance use disorder and build healthier, more fulfilled lives.


Is out-of-state rehab right for me or my loved one?

In our experience, leaving your local area can be extremely beneficial to successfully completing an addiction treatment program. Recovery from addiction is a process that doesn’t occur overnight. It’s easy to fall back into unhealthy behaviors. Forming new habits and building the necessary skills for a long-term recovery takes time. When a treatment program is interrupted or stopped midway, it is often less effective. On the other hand, longer term stays in treatment have been shown to increase the likelihood of a successful recovery.

Unfortunately, many check into addiction treatment centers, but leave before completing their programs. Some have attended and left multiple programs. One key reason for this is that the individual does not have enough distance from negative influences/their social circle. When getting your drug of choice just takes one phone call and leaving treatment to return home is a short car ride away, it can be much more tempting to simply quit.

We find that getting the addict away from negative influences reduces their likelihood of leaving treatment, allowing them to successfully complete a treatment program. Being away from the distractions of friends, family and day-to-day life provides our clients at Liberty Ranch with the time and space needed to work through underlying issues and build a new healthy lifestyle free of substances.  By taking the addict from the situations, places and individuals that remind the person of their substance use, they have the chance to better understand their addiction, build new habits and form healthy routines without the interference of environmental triggers.


Learn more about treatment options

If you are considering  addiction treatment for yourself or someone in your life, now is the time to take action. Addiction is a deadly disease that has taken too many lives, broken up families and destroyed futures. Liberty Ranch offers free consultations. Call 888-387-1531 to talk to a specialist that can let you know about the treatment options available and help you select the right program.


Early recovery is a risky time. Cravings can be especially strong, and it can be tempting to relapse, especially when confronted with emotional and difficult topics that have been suppressed or avoided. Even if a person wants to quit substances, this intention can be overwhelmed by cravings, emotional challenges or outside influences. When a friend can easily pick you up from the treatment center, it can be extremely tempting to give in and leave impulsively. 

Going away for rehab can provide much needed distance from influences that threaten early sobriety. By removing the individual from the triggers, daily stressors, challenging relationships and other issues, participants have time to focus solely on their recovery. This allows them the opportunity to heal from their addiction and build a foundation so that when they return home, they have acquired the tools and strategies needed for sustainable sobriety. 

Frequently Asked Questioned (FAQ)

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  • Why go out of town for treatment when there are options nearby?

    • Many of our clients choose Liberty Ranch because being away from their hometown puts distance between themselves and their social circles, other negative influences and triggers. Physical distance gives those in recovery the time and space needed to heal. Additionally, being in an out-of-state treatment center, makes it more difficult to simply quit, which is common in the early stages of recovery when cravings can be at their strongest. Clients can no longer contact their drug source or have someone to pick them up when they feel the urge if they are at a treatment center hours away.
  • Won’t I be far from family, friends and other support?

    • For many, it can actually be helpful to take time away from close contacts, especially if your social network is still using drugs and alcohol. Being out-of-state can make it more challenging to get in contact with those who might encourage the addict to relapse. There can also be benefits in having time away from loved ones, even if they do support the recovery process. Early recovery is a fragile time. Sometimes being nearby friends and family can increase the temptation to leave rehab. Moreover, recovery requires a great deal of inner work. It can help to have time and space away from loved ones for this introspection and healing to take place. This does not mean family and friends are kept out of the recovery process. Liberty Ranch offers several opportunities for family participation in-person and virtually.
  • Can families still participate in counseling if they live in a different state?

    • Yes, absolutely. Substance abuse doesn’t just impact the individual and oftentimes there are deep underlying issues that must be healed for both sides to move forward. A crucial part of recovery is healing relationships with those who have been hurt by addiction and building more functional relationships. Family and loved ones are encouraged to participate in available family and couples counseling, activities and meetings. Sessions can be done onsite during family visits and virtually.
  • What kind of programming does Liberty Ranch offer?

    • The Liberty Ranch’s comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Program follows evidence-based treatment protocols, principles and therapies to help clients recover from substance use disorders. Clients work through 12-step therapies in individual or group settings and can participate in individual and family therapy sessions. Additionally, Liberty Ranch employs the Gorski Model of Prevention Relapse to help clients anticipate and prevent possible relapses. Residents reside in a highly structured environment, helping them to apply the principles of the 12-step program and change their unhealthy behaviors.
  • Do you work with clients with other mental health conditions?

    • For effective treatment, it is critical to not just address the addiction, but also any other mental health conditions the addict may suffer from, as these can impact one’s addiction and recovery journey.  Liberty Ranch works with clients to address their addiction as well as any comorbid conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, trauma, PTSD and personality disorders.
  • Will my insurance cover rehab out-of-state?

    • Liberty Ranch works with Medicaid.  If you have private insurance, we can provide a super bill that can be reimbursed by private insurance. We work with clients to create a fee schedule that most families can afford. f you want to learn more about the financial options available to you, contact us directly.
  • Does Liberty Ranch offer detox?

    • While the Liberty Ranch does not offer medical detox services, we work with several local inpatient facilities. We can help you select the right inpatient center for your specific situation and organize transportation directly to the Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation Center following detox. 


What do our clients say?

Liberty Ranch is located in the picturesque rolling hills of Kings Mountain, Kentucky. The Ranch sits on 21 acres with a huge pond, sitting deck, NBA size basketball court and a tennis court. In their free time, Residents can relax in the serene environment, connect with nature, play sports and engage in other enjoyable activities. Here’s what some out of state graduates say about us:


“There’s a big property area that’s really peaceful and quiet, so you can really focus on yourself.”

-Out-of-state Liberty Ranch Client



“Having that safety net of just being able to go home, it was so easy to fall into the same patterns with the same people. I knew I needed to get away from that chaos so I could focus on myself and my recovery.”

-Out-of-state Liberty Ranch Client